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Lecture by Steven Holl

Event Description

The 14th online conference event organized by THE PLAN magazine for IRIS CERAMICA GROUP will take place on Thursday, October 29, from 6 to 8 pm CEST (1 to 3 pm US EST): The Architects Series – A Documentary on Steven Holl Architects. Steven Holl Architects is the protagonist of The Architects Series’ 14th episode. It is one of the most known practices in the world, and it works through two offices, in New York and Beijing. The studio represents an international excellence known for its most exclusive awards, publications and exhibitions. The screening of the approximately 30-minute video documentary will be followed by a live lecture by Steven Holl: “Air/Light/Greenspace: Post-COVID”. The event will offer a deeper insight into the studio’s design philosophy, while providing an opportunity to discuss issues related to the world of architecture – the future of residential architecture in particular. The event will conclude with a Q&A session, in which participants will be able to ask questions directly to the American architect.

The course is approved by AIA CES-USA, approved by RIBA CPD-UK for learning units recognition and by CNACPP for accreditation 2 CFP, Crediti Formativi Professionali - Italy only.


Event Content

Founded in 1977 by Steven Holl, the practice is recognized internationally for the quality and excellence of its architectural achievements and innovative urban design. Leading a staff of 40 employees, Steven Holl is supported by Senior Partners Chris McVoy, Noah Yaffe and Roberto Bannura in managing the two New York and Beijing offices. With projects worldwide, the Studio’s body of work includes master planning and the design of residential and office buildings, detached housing and structures in the world of the arts, culture and education, a sector where it has extensive experience. Steven Holl has developed a highly personal vision of architecture in which a multi-cultural background, strong propensity for a multidisciplinary approach and ability to tailor the design process to varying local surroundings combine to create unique works clearly distinguishable from contemporary building concepts. Holl’s philosophy sees architecture as an experience shaped by time, light and materials where various physical and sensory elements have integral relationships, and shape formalistic, spatial solutions. In this complex unifying relationship, light in particular has a functional role but also, and above all, an ability to enhance materials and facilitate the building’s perspective in intersecting solids and voids.