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Lecture by Park Associati

Event Description

The 16th conference event organized by The Plan magazine for Iris Ceramica Group will take place on Thursday, June 10, from 6.00 PM (CEST) – 12 PM (US EDT): The Architects Series – A Documentary on Park Associati. The new online format has made it possible to keep the usual programming while also opening the event to more participants and offering the same opportunities for audience-speaker interaction. The screening of the approximately 30-minute video documentary will be followed by a live lecture by Michele Rossi ans Filippo Pagliani entitled “Design Beyond Scale”. The event will offer a deeper insight into the studio’s design philosophy, while providing an opportunity to discuss issues related to the world of architecture. The event will conclude with a Q&A session, in which participants will be able to ask questions directly to the architects.

The course is under approval by AIA CES-USA and RIBA CPD-UK for learning units recognition and under approval by CNACPP for accreditation 2 CFP, Crediti Formativi Professionali - Italy only


Event Content

One of the elements specific to Park Associati’s body of work is retrofitting, or the redevelopment and refurbishment of post-war buildings. Going beyond the concept of restoration or renovation, retrofitting is based on a series of practices which aim to reuse existing urban heritage. Rather than building from scratch, abandoned or disused buildings are reclaimed to give them a new lease of life, in line with current market needs and regulatory requirements. Projects might require minimal intervention, respecting the pre-existing structure, or alternatively the building might be completely re-imagined, keeping only the framework (hard-retrofitting). Working with bygone materials and restoring buildings means putting energy efficiency, and economic and social sustainability at the center of the design process.

Innovation, experimenting with technology and design concepts, and adopting an interdisciplinary approach are a fundamental part of Park Associati’s philosophy, amply demonstrated by Park Plus, its in-house research division to support design. Complementing Park Plus is Park Lab, a workshop that creates models and prototypes alongside the materials library, a space allocated to storing material samples for ongoing contact with products, to promote reflection and creative ideas for current and future projects. Since 2017, the Studio has also opened up to the city and other professional and artistic expertise by establishing Park Hub, a venue that hosts exhibitions, meetings and lectures to promote the exchange of ideas, opinions and expertise.