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Active Surface

Active Surfaces was created from a request from the founder Romano Minozzi, he envisioned to combine material, science and technology aimed to manufacture a new type of ceramic tile capable of being not only attractive but also has a unique feature: it plays a part in improving our quality of life by actively fighting pollution. Its photocatalytic action also means it is self-cleaning, antibacterial and antiviral. This amazing technology makes it possible for indoor and outdoor spaces, also interior and exterior of buildings to actively help to create a better environment as a long term contribution.

This revolutionary production method also makes it possible to manufacture ceramic materials for floors and walls, and they are able to make a concrete antibacterial and antiviral action and they lead to a reduction of pollutants, which unfortunately are a constant in the current urban condition. The collection Active Surfaces can be laid, both in the indoor and outdoor environments of buildings, materials that actively and permanently contribute to a better environment. Some of the benefits can be seen as following:

1) Anti-bacterial and antiviral effectiveness, over 99% : The strong oxidizing power of the Active Surfaces photocatalytic action is able to remove the bacteria, some of which are very dangerous for the humans. Photocatalysis does not really kill the bacteria but it decomposes them, irretrievably damaging their cells and causing their death. Active Surfaces removes 99.99% of these bacterial strains.

Recent ISO certifications also demonstrate the ACTIVE SURFACES antiviral activity. The tests were conducted on two particularly insidious and contagious viral strains such as the H1N1 flu virus and Enterovirus 71, demonstrating over 99% efficacy against viruses. The anti-mold and antifungal properties of the ACTIVE product are also certified.

2) Self-cleaning Properties : The photocatalytic activity of the TiO2 of the Active Surfaces tiles exerts a dual effect on the daily dirt on the floors and walls (powder, organic residues, etc.) So, the dirt removal is easier and the use of detergents is reduced.

3) Anti-odor Efficiency : Another characteristic is that Active Surfaces is able to degrade the most common organic molecules that cause the smell.

4) anti-pollution effectiveness : The photocatalytic process due to the TiO2 deposited on the Active Surfaces tiles destroys and transforms a lot of pollutants and toxic substances in harmless compounds such as nitrates, sulfates and carbonates.

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